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R&M Trapping Lures

Fall Fever - A favorit beaver lure. Loaded with castors and oil sacs. Works on coon too!

Spring Fever - Formulated for spring beaver trapper, but works all year long.

Marsh Mink - A food lure that works at any set location.

Mink Madness - Mink gland lure. Powerful reaching.

Mink Magic - A time proven formula with lots of mink to its credit.

Midnight Raider - Long lasting proven coon attractor.

Midnight Delight - A honey based sweet coon food lure.

Midnight Death - Real coon killing ingredients. Our best seller.

Rat Raider - Powerful sweet smell that rats really go for.

Rat Delight - A thick heavy lure loaded with sweet rat musks.

#150 Red Fox Gland - 100% gland, no filler. Makes any set smell foxy.

#160 Fox Lure - Different - none like it. Good early season. Also very deadly on coon.

#170 Fox Lure - Powerful call lure. Skunk plus four proven fox attractors. Will withstand any weather. A very deadly fisher lure.

#180 Fox Lure - Our favorite, most versatile lure will take reds, greys, coon and coyotes. Curiosity.

Grey Fox - Grey Fox gland lure. Thick and foxy gland lure.

#250 Coyote Lure - 100% coyote gland lure - no fillers.

Coyote Creek - A real coyote killer. Loud and lasting.

Cat Gland - Bobcat gland lure. Very effective on fox and coyotes.



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