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Stoney-Wolf Productions Wilderness Trapping

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Stoney-Wolf Productions. 'Wilderness Trapping' featuring Mike Lapinski. Come along with pro-trapper Mike Lapinski to the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains and experience his daily routine as he harvests an assortment of common and backcountry furbearers. Mike's extensive trapline runs from the low country where he traps muskrats, beaver, raccoon, skunk and mink to the foothills where he traps and snares bobcats and coyotes. Finally he arrives in the high country where six feet of snow awaits! Watch his unique method of trapping in deep snow for the elusive pine marten and fisher. Many of Mike's secrets that have made him an accomplished trapper will be shared with you. This tastefully done trapping video is full of exciting big game animals like elk, bear, deer and moose. You'll also be treated to rare views of exotic furbearers such as wolverines, lynx, fisher, bobcat, beaver, otter, and marten. You won't find this one at Blockbuster. DVD.. 60 minutes.

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