Johnny Thorpe Original Formula Lures #thorpe12

Johnny Thorpe Original Formula Lures

Brand: Johnny Thorpe

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"Original Formula" Johnny Thorpe Trapping Lures. "Don't be fooled Thorpe Originals are all thick paste style". These are superior lures with only the best ingredients.

Bad Medicine LDC - Use for Fox, Coyote. Powerful skunky odor. #1 Seller!

Red Vixen - Fox, Coyote with Glands. Rich scent that is all glands.

MuskCall - Cat, Otter, Fisher Supreme. Extra long lasting odor.

Mink Eliminator - Different than any other mink lure.

Water Witch - Powerful sweet coon, rat paste.

Castorium Special - only the best beaver castor used.

Waterloo - Johnny and Jacks thick paste formula for Otter, Fisher & Mink

Colorado Cat Paste - The Ultimate Bobcat Lure developed by the best lure maker in the inudstry!

Barkstone Beaver - This one will catch those big woodchippers.

Big Bay - Johnny and Jacks formula thick paste lure. Beaver, Raccoon and Bobcat.

All Call - Johnny and Jacks formula thick paste lure. Bobcat, Coyote and Fox.

Upper Falls - Johnny and Jacks formula thick paste lure. Beaver, Raccoon, Bobcat.

Packaged in 1oz or 4oz glass bottles.

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