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Tom Miranda's Trapping Lures

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Tom Miranda's Original Trapping Lures

Farmland Fox 1 - Tom's favorite all season Fox lure. Use with November Red for unequaled results.

Farmland Fox 2 - All season Fox, Coyote and Bobcat attractor. Use alone or with bait.

November Red - The number one sweet lure for Fox, Coyote and Raccoon. Use with Farmland Fox 1

Floodwood Fox - Clean Fox Gland lure made especially for trap-shy or spooked Fox.

Floodwood Yote Dope - Dynamite on Coyote and Bobcat all season

High Plains Predator Call - A paste coyote lure for flat sets. Used by ADC pros coast to coast.

Ringtails Choice - Sweet Raccoon lure with a smell that raccoons will search out.

Creekbank Coon - Mink love this raccoon lure made specifically for pocket sets. A little goes a long way - raccoons are easy, but this lure makes em' stupid.

Pocket Popper Mink - A smear of this poison will put a buck mink running in every hole.

Jim River Beaver - Named after the river in S.D. that made this lure famous. Flattails head for the bank with just a stick full placed beyond the trap.

Super Shellfish All Call - Uncut shellfish, castor and five exotic oils make this a universal lure for all furbearers. Marten trappers are its best friend.

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