SCM #3 Trap Setter #trapsetter

SCM #3 Trap Setter

Brand: Sleepy Creek Mfg.

Item#: trapsetter

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Model #3

Sleepy Creek Model #3 Trap Setter - Instructions Recommended for #450 Body Grip, #455 Body Grip, #11 Long Spring & #2 Long Spring traps. This lightweight no-rust Trap Setter weighs only 10 ounces. The Model #3 Trap Setter was designed for the junior trapper and for adults with hand problems. For Safety reasons, please follow these directions: The U-Clip used in setting the #11 and #2 Long Spring MUST have pinched in legs. If these legs are bent other than shown, DO NOT use. Either re-bend or buy another. Install with the open end toward you and fully on the spring. Should the clip fly off, it will travel away from rather than toward you.


Use to set Body Grip Traps.



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