Callin Coyotes by Mark Zepp DVD #vd500

Callin Coyotes by Mark Zepp DVD

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Callin' Coyotes with Mark Zepp. What a video! Join Mark Zepp (Maker of Zepp's Predator Calls) and friends on 45 highly entertaining and informative predator hunts. Featuring Dan Thompson - Trapper, snare man, ADC man, and predator caller deluxe. Ole Dan is approaching over 5000 coyote kills during his calling career. Dan shares many useful tips while using his Dan Thompson Call line. Eddie Hawkins - Caller deluxe. Eddie is a native of Tucson, Arizona. A weekend caller like most of us, except he calls in over 100 coyotes a year! John-Henery Piotrowski - Trapper, field tester, dog man, and caller deluxe. John is the founder of the popular website. and John Frohling - Trapper, Snare man, and caller deluxe. Expert red fox and coyote hunter. Video includes coyotes, bobcats, and foxes using various brands of electronic and hand callers dvd only
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