Winter Canine Trapping Snow, Ice and Beyond - 2 Disc Set DVD #wcanine13new

Winter Canine Trapping Snow, Ice and Beyond - 2 Disc Set DVD

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They say late season canine trapping separates the men from the boys. In this 2-disk DVD set, trapper and author John W. Crawford explores every conceivable aspect of winter canine trapping, taking you along on several full scale working traplines, filmed in fkur states.
Topics covered:
Red Fox, Grey Fox and Coyote Trapping
Ovep 10 different sets showcased
Hohe, flat, snow and hay sets show.
Freeze Proofing Sets...and beyond
Skinning and fur prep of a canine
Proper late season baits, urines and lures
Early and late season locations
Trap selection and tuning
Proper use of stakes and cable stakes
Snow Trapping
Tracking canines in snow
Road Trapping
and much, much more...
*Plus - A special aerial footage segment explaining pinch points and travelways used by
canines during the fall and winter shuffle.
*3 ½ hours of pure late season canine trapping
Special Guests:
Bruce Slater – Urban canine trapping
Dick Atkins – Denning
This DVD is new standard for winter canine trapping methods. With over 30 years experience, John W. Crawford pours out all he knows in this 2-disk 3 ½ hour DVD set. You will need several viewings to absorb this information that is not only educational but entertaining. This is canine trapping to the Extreme!!!


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