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Teachers of the Night Compilation DVD

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Teachers of the Night Compilation. DVD. By Wolf Creek Productions & Predator Control Group for Raccoon, Red Fox, Coyote, Beaver, Cat Collector Bobcat Footage.

WCP and PCG has made a compilation of night vision footage for your entertainment and learning. You will see Coyotes, Red Fox, Beaver, Raccoon and Bobcat night and daytime footage with the animals working sets and smells! The Bobcat footage is from the CAT COLLECTOR DVD and the rest of the night vision footage is from the TEACHERS OF THE NIGHT series. This will allow you to see what the night vision DVD's are about with out having to invest in the full price of the Teachers of the Night DVD's. You will also learn and get a better understanding about what happens at your sets when you are at home in bed. This DVD is also a great weapon against the anti fur movement. You can show them with real footage that the trapped animals are not panicked or hurting. Do you REALLY know how animals are working your sets?

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