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Welch's High Productions Lures & Baits.

Castor Blastor - A flagship beaver lure. If youre in the camp that thinks a beaver lure is a beaver lure, you havent tried anything like this one. Superior to straight castor, this lure covers all the bases with a kicker blended in to really push it out there. Scotts got guys that love it on tough old ADC beaver. Put up in a weatherproof base to handle rough, wet weather. Will do a bang up job on the rats and coon too.

Red Neck - Red Fox Gland lure, smooth foxy smell.

Pro's Pick - Food Gland, thick and oily

Ringo - Complex is not a word that is often associated with a coon lure, but with over a dozen ingredients and twice that many test batches, this lure is just that. A sour main push backed up by a lingering sweetness makes it different from most coon lures and helps it perform on colder nights when straight sweet lures taper off. Excellent feedback received during testing is just what I expected. Heavy-hitting coon trappers demand quality attractors that hold up in all weather, and Ringo is just the 'star'.

Purrfect - As finicky as cats can be, its important to have an attractor that has a little bit of everything in it. This one covers all the bases. Purrfect starts with a heavy, thick, cat gland and multiple food base and then is topped off with pure, authentic catnip. Not only a great cat lure, it is excellent on fox, coyotes, and coon. One lure I don't trap without!

Marsh Magic - A multiple food based lure with an underlying odor of glands and sweet musk plus a zippy touch of mint to really push it out on the air currents. Not only a top-shelf lure for rats, which is what it was designed for, also excellent for early coon and mink. The blend of oils and base odors make it a good food type lure for beaver. A little magic for your water lines.

Super Shellfish - Its signature dark color comes from a unique, heavy oil that strengthens and fortifies the shellfish base. Stronger and longer lasting than straight shellfish. Wont go flat like lesser oils. A touch of sweetness on the backside gives it a broader appeal and more punch. Really gives you a leg up on the competition on the coon line. Not just shellfish, it's SUPER SHELLFISH.

Addiction - Designed to be a twist on an early to midseason lure. Mild enough to be effective on warm nights, but with enough twang to be effective when the mercury starts to drop. A food/gland lure with nice sweet/sour smell, this one will really get the job done during the first few weeks of season when most of the fur is taken. A very unique base and smell makes it a good choice at flat sets and an outstanding changeup lure at all sets.

For calling and luring Fox - Coyote - Raccoon

Use for Coon-Mink-Coyote-Fox-Bobcat.

Coons Casket - Originally designed to attract coon, Coon's Casket has gone on to become one of the finest "all around" lures ever formulated and put in a bottle. Has a good sweet & sour smell that puts it over the top as a coon lure & from there it has gone on to prove itself on everything from mink to coyotes. If your a split-line trapper, this is an absolute must!

K-9 HOT SAUCE - A super oily liquid bait, K-9 Hot Sauce will up to nasty weather conditions and causes an intense digging reaction from predators. It can be used as a "shoot and go" bait, a lure, bait enhancer, or a predator trailing scent. K-9 Hot Sauce does excels on K9's and does a better than average job on Cats & Coons. Available in 8oz. & 16oz.

Magnum HOT SAUCE - Magnum Hot Sauce begins with the same base as K-9 Hot Sauce, but is bolder and has other ingredients added, including a good spike of skunk to really ramp it up. Great in colder, late season weather. Use it right at the set as a liquid bait call lure, late season bait spike or as a trailing scent at leaning pole sets; just turn it loose, it will get it done. Available in 8oz. & 16oz. 

Code Red Sweet Paste Bait - A sweet lingering odor that is attractive to all furbearers. Dynamite on coons around barns and buildings all season long and at all sets for ringtails early on. Good early season bait on the foxes (reds and grays) and makes a fine ADC bait in box traps. Also an above average performer in DP traps; another weapon for the arsenal. 8oz.

Fusion Predator Paste Bait - More than just a bait, this is a predator magnet. Made with the hard-hitting dirthole trapper in mind. Punch em in, give it a smear of Fusion, cover with a grass plug and be on your way. Fusion can stand alone or be used in conjunction with lure and/or urine. An extremely effective product that gives the predator trapper one more weapon in the arsenal. If you also have a few red fox in your area, definitely give this bait a try. Predator trappers, don't let it bother you that this is a "coon" lure, it will go toe to toe as a predator attractor on dry land. 8oz.

Canine to Feline Fish Paste Bait - Favored by commercial fisherman as a bait and chum block because of it’s oily nature and strong smell, the same qualities that make it a fine bait for all predators, all season long. The fish base in this bait is available only for a short time of the year. Order early to ensure availability. 8oz.


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