"Trapline Techniques: accoons & Cornfields" DVD by Scott Welch

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Scott Welch's "Trapline Techniques: Rac#/ons & Cornfields" DVD


Scott Welch's "Trapline Techniques: Raccoons & Cornfields" DVD takes you along with Scott on his north-central Ohio raccoon line as he shows tactics you can use to catch more coon. Catching coon is not that difficult, but to put up numbers you need an efficient and effective system. Scott shows you exactly that in this 2 hour, 10 minute DVD.

Throughout much of the midwest the raccoon is the "go-to" furbearer. If you want to make a trapline pay you need to put coon in the truck. While not exactly a back to basics type trapping DVD, Scott does show techniques that are easy to understand and apply to your own line this season. The "in the shop" segments are valuable additions to this video that are worth the price alone.

Scott covers:

  • Methods to effectively neck snare coons
  • Making dog proof traps really work for you
  • The importance of gang setting
  • Tips for catching good numbers of coon in a small amount of time

You will learn plenty and, as always, have a good time as Scott freely shares his knowledge in the down to earth style he is known for. This DVD shows plenty of common sense coon catching techniques that you can use to reach your goals this season.

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