The Ztrap DP Raccoon Trap

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The Ztrap was professionally built and designed by a trapper who likes to put traps where the coon are not just where the stake will go into the ground. The dimensions of Ztraps are 1.25"x1.25"x4" with a 4 1/2" long stabilizer stake. It also comes with a heavy duty chain with three swivels, one at the stake, one inline, and one at the end used as a drowner or attached to a 1/2" rerod stake. The Ztrap comes powder coated in White or Brown or Camoflauge.

Ztrap's New, patent pending, Stabilizer Stake allows you to predrilled a hole in concrete, steel, or wood, for stabilizer stake to fit into. The Stabilizer Stake makes it easier to put Ztraps where the coon are like in rocks near waterways, inside concrete or steel culverts, and in bridge pilings. Ztraps Stabilizer Stake also makes it easier to stake in frozen ground and still allows coon to pull the trap out of the ground.
The Ztrap's New, patent pending, Push or Pull Trigger results in more coon being caught with less bait loss. If the trigger doesn't go off when coons put their paw in trap, it still triggers when coon tries to pull its paw out.
The Ztrap comes powder coated so there is no waiting for the trap to rust, no dying and no waxing. Just buy and use its that simple.


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